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20 novembre 2013

     I visited England. The country is verry nice and really big.The taxis arre amazing and beautiful. I visited England with my school. I travaelled by bus and by boat. I visited 3 museums and big ben. I visisted London by the bus red it is just wonderful. I saw Buckingham Palace and the garde. One day, when the teacher was not there went shopping for my friends and my parents. You should travel to England because it is incredible. This people it is fabulous. I advise you to visit big ben it is magic and the guide is perfect. I advise you to take a camera to take pictures. My I love the country. I advise you to travel by bus and by boats, beaucause the landscape is verry beautiful. I can go to England for your travel.




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19 novembre 2013

Travel to Spain

     I will give you some advice to go to Spain. It's very interesting, there are lot of places to visit, like the Stadium of Barcelona for those who like football, or sport generally. Personally, I enjoy rugby whereas Barcelona has got a football club, but I liked to visit the Stadium and you can go by autobus.

For a change of landscape, tou can visit Ibiza, it's a beautiful Island, at the right of Spain. There are many Islands ans Ibiza, with, these Islands, are the Islands where you do not sleep. I enjoy this Island very much. To visit Ibiza you must go by boat or by plane.

And you can visit for example the National Park Picos of Europe, the landscape is surprising, if you like Nature, it's for you! I like this Park because in the Park I telt free. You can go by car.



carte de l'espagne

Stade de Barcelone

Ibiza carte

National Park Picos of Europe

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I juste came back from to spain, I visited the stadium of Barcelona, The reasons to visit that place are because l like football, Barca and I love Neymar. The means of transport to go to the stadium are by bus or by car. I visited Ibiza it's an island where you not sleep, the means of transport are by boat or by plane. I visites Sagrada Familia : the reasons to visit that place are beacause it is beautiful and big, the means of transport are by bus or by car.I advise you to go to Spain because it's beautiful and very big. And I avise you to go to Sagrada Familia because it's magic.






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I choose france because  it's a beautiful country and the cuisine is good. In france i went to Paris, Paris is the capital of France. I visited the Eiffel tower because it's the big and beautiful  monument, it's a symbol of france and it was important for me to go over there. After I went in the district of the Defense by underground because it's a gigantic building it's beautiful. After I went to disneyland by train, disneyland is a very big amusement park it's very funny. During my travel i so many extroardinary things i think you should go to France becaus it's a very funny and beautiful and spectacular country.




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I can go to Spain by plane.

I chose that country because, I have a friend who lives in Spain and I have dreamt to go there since, I was little. one place to visit is Barcelona by bus because, I dreamt to do some shopping.

You can go to Madrid by bus because, it is the capital oh Spain and love Madrid.

You should bring money, shoes , a big bag, a sleeping bag ad chocolate because I'm tond of it.

You can go to Cabrera, it is a little town near Madrid. I went there because, I have a friend who lives at cabrera.

I went to cabrera by car because her house is in a little street. I advise you to go to Spain because it is abeatiful country.

You should bring money if you want to do some shopping.

You must go to Madrid and Barcelona because it is a wonderful expérience.



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Travel to Canada

Hello ! my name is lucie , if you haven't got any ideas for your travels , I have ! So , you can go to Canada it is a beautiful country. I went to Canada and I visited three places with a wonderful landscape.

The first one is Québec , and you can go by plane or by car. Nature is really breathtaking over there. It's a beautiful landscape. In the forest there are a lot of maples. Maple is a symbole of Canada. So if you want go to Québec I will give you an advice : In your packing liste , you must take hiking shoes for the mountain , a backpack , food , water and you must take your camera.

The second place is Montreal , you can go by car or by plane. Montreal is an animated city with museums of contemporary art , a planetarium , botanical gardens , opera houses , theatres , contemporary circus , a religious heritage and many festivals. In ninetten seventy-six it welcomed the summer Olympique Games. It is an artistic city. I will give you an advice : you must take your camera, it's an obligation.

The third place is Vancouvert , you can go by plane, by boat/ ship or by car. Vancouvert is a big city. It has a big park , its name is Stanley park and three mountains. There are very frequent ski areas. In two thousand and ten it welcomed the winter Olympic Games. I will give you an advice : if you love sport , you must go to Vancouvert because you can ski , bycicle , hike is the mountain ... . In your packing list , you have to take a backpack you must take your camera , you must bring hiking shoes for mountain. To finish , I thing Canada is an amazing country.

Lucie :)

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The travel in the United States of America.

I recommend that you visit the United States of America because the country is very big. If you go, I advice you 3 famous places to visit: New-York, in the Est of the U.S.A. One of the most beautiful city, for me. I visited many popular neighborhoods like:

- The Bridge of Brooklyn

-Central Park

- aand also Broadway

You can go to New-York by plane from France. Las Vegas, in the West of the U.S.A, is the town of games. At night, it is illuminated, it is really amazing and beautiful also.You can go to Las Vegas by bus to see many landscapes. Finally, Los Angeles, in the Wesr of the U.S.A. The most famous neighborhood is Hollywood with Hollywood boulevard:

- The Walk of Fame, it's really crazy to walk on the shiny stars.

-The Grauman's Chinece Theatre, Hollywood and Highland Center where is the Oscar every year.

You can go to Las Vegas in Los Angeles by car to savor every moments of the journey. You should take a suitcase, food and water for the trip, a bikini for the beach and a few dresses.




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my name is yoann and for the hollydays I went to New-York to visit the united states. T went by plane it was very long. I slept during the travel because it lasted 24 hours. In New-York T've visited the statue of liberty it's very big and very beautiful I went by boat because it's a very small island. Two days after this visit I went to the white house to se the président Barrack Obama. T went by bus. The journeyis beautiful in the country. To finish this travel I went to Boston to visit my family. I went by train with my brother. To travel in América: you must not go by boat because it is very long and you must go in América with a bag, money to eat 



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The U.S.A...

I chose this country because for me it is a dream and it's the greatest and most beautiful country in the world. For me U.S.A is very fashionable, the streets are full of shops. And the streets in the U.S.A are the most beautiful and largest compared to those in France. And in the U.S.A we can see the president in the white house it's a symbol of the U.S.A. And we can see the  Empire State Building, it's one of the biggest building and the most beautiful in New-York because he has an original and amazing architecture. I think this is one of the largest building in the world.But also we can see the Statue of Liberty, she was created by Gustave Eiffel, the French man. The statue of liberty is really important for the U.S.A. I went to the U.S.A by plane. To go to different places. I was in a taxi, or bus it's fast. If you want to go to the U.S.A you need money to pay a taxi and drink ect... You need a passport and a camera to take photos for memories of the different and amazign places you saw. And if you want to go to the U.S.A you need a swimsuit because it's hot in this country. And if you want to go to the U.S.A you need a pair of sun glasses to resist to the sun. Good travel. That's all.

Thank you for reading my article.
-Aymeric B.

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If you whould like to visit a beautiful country, I advise you to go visit Brazil.You can go to Brazil by plane as it is very far away from France.I advise you to visit three places. The first place is "Rio de Janeiro".Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful place.You go by plane .You must visite that place because there are two legendary beaches , Copacabana and Ipanema.For me , Copacabana and Ipanema are the best two beaches in the world.I think that you must take a camera.Rio de Janeiro is hot , I advise you to go take a swimsuit.You can go see the statue"Le Mont du Pain de Sucre" at Rio de Janeiro.                                                                                                                                                                  The second place is "The Iguazu Falls".The Iguazu falls is a beautiful place because Nature is really breathtaking over  there If were you,I would go there.You can go  by bus or by foot.                          The third place is "Sao Paulo".If you want to have fun , visit museums, you can see buildings, go shopping , you must go to Sao Paulo.I advise you to go by bus .I think that you should go to Brazil once in your life because it is a beautiful country.


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